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Wholesale & Trade Meterboxes

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Tricel are producers of a range of both wall mounted and recessed gas meter boxes, and are a main supplier of Bord Gais. We also export a number of models to the UK market where we supply many of the gas industry service leaders. Our product range is manufactured using Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). However, we can also develop a range of products using our very own Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) and custom moulding process.

As a company that have been active in the plastics industry and involved in the construction of meter boxes for more than 40 years, we apply a vast quantity of expertise to our production process. We can also develop specialised custom moulds in order to solve more difficult issues that our clients face. All our products are produced using the best of materials and are done so to the highest industry standards.

Bord Gais surface mounted gas meter box

The Bord Gais surface mounted gas meter box is constructed from GRP making it strong and durable, as well as corrosive proof and weather resistant. Each unit is easy to clean and offers a perfect surface for painting if the customer wishes to incorporate it within a personalised colour scheme. They are also compliant with Board Gais code of practice DO/DS/S/MB/002.

The unit dimensions are 404 (w) x 490mm (h) x 173mm (d).

Each item comes complete with hinges, lock and key.

Replacement parts are available.

Bord Gais recessed gas meter box

The Bord Gais standard recessed gas meter box (built in) is suitable for Ireland only. The units are manufactured from GRP making them hard wearing and weatherproof. Each unit can be painted to the customers taste if necessary, and are easy to clean. They comply with Irish gas regulatory standards and are constructed to the highest quality.

Please contact our sales team with any and all queries in regards our products and offerings. You can view our complete selection of meter box enclosures at our Meter Boxes Direct on-line store. Tricel also offer a custom moulding service which specialises in delivering custom products in order to solve our clients more problematic issues.

Tricel is an innovation based company and we pride ourselves in developing cost effective solutions for our clients industrial and commercial needs. If you require a specialised product in order to fulfill a need, then we are completely equipped to do so. Our experts will work in unison with your business in order to develop a tailored solution through the application of our acquired expertise and knowledge.

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