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Grp kiosks

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GRP kiosks

Grp kiosksTricel is a local manufacturer and a global provider of the best Glass Reinforced Fiber (GRP) products including GRP kiosks. Tricel is a manufacturing company originated in Ireland and specialized in GRP products. The use of this material for the construction of each unit guarantees you a high strength for each unit. Therefore, all the kiosks sold by the company are exceptionally durable & secure. The GRP kiosks can be used for a wide range of housing equipment like:

  • Flow meters.
  • Data logging.
  • Radio telemetry.
  • Compressors
  • General household and domestic purposes
  • suitable for general use for either indoor or outdoor applications


Why choose Tricel’s GRP kiosks?

First, the main benefit of our GRP products is the lifespan. In fact, the high-quality of the material offers an extended durability. Also, only minimal maintenance is required on the GRP kiosks (only on the hinges and the locking system). Thus, limited maintenance and a long lifespan will be an optimal cost saving. If you compare with other material on the market the GRP offers you one of the best quality/price ratios.

Furthermore, our kiosks are weather resistant (minimal water absorption, maximum UV protection, resistant from corrosion, can resist to high temperatures), have non-conductive attributes (can be used as electric box & are chemical resistant.

To conclude, the GRP kiosks from Tricel is the ideal meter boxes or kiosks for your commercial or industrial project. The high-quality of its material, its fair price and its longevity, make those products essentials

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