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Sheet Moulding Compound

Tricel are experts in the manufacturing of custom moulded products for a variety of industrial purposes and are highly skilled at delivering products to exact specification. We use a compression moulding process to manufacture high strength-to-weight items which are in use by many of the world’s leading organisations. We manufacture innovative products such as precision made Jet engine parts and large structural components for world leading brands such as Rolls Royce, Dell, and British Aerospace.

We produce items using our own Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) which we manufacture and process in-house. This is a high strength fibre-reinforced sheet moulding composite and is used by Tricel in its manufacturing facilities in both Ireland and in the UK. This compound has many sought after properties which make it an ideal material for product development. SMC consists of a thermos-setting resin, filler material, and glass fibres. This compound is manufactured by Tricel meaning we can supply a range of fibreglass raw materials in quantity to interested clientele.

SMC is a material that is applicable to any and all industry and commercial environments. Vast technical experience gained in over 40 years within the press moulding and composite industry mean that Tricel are leading experts within this sector. We are a company that develops solution-based products for many of today’s industry leaders and we know that we can provide collaborative solutions for any and all business needs. We develop and manufacture our products with complete customer satisfaction and industry innovation at the forefront of our minds.

Advantages of SMC

Product items constructed from SMC are extremely durable, high impact resistant, have good flexure strength and are highly compressive. This material is employed throughout the electrical industry. Its qualities for providing insulation due to its electrical resistance attributes, coupled with its anti-static properties and its overall conductivity, make it an ideal material. This compound is perfect for the construction of highly specialist electrical housing products, as well as more common items such as meter boxes.

Tricel produce items for the transit and automotive industries.  For this sector we produce both specialised parts and larger more prominent items such as custom moulded train carriage seats. With regard to safety the compound has both low smoke and low toxicity attributes and is highly chemical resistant. The finished products are delivered in any colour specification required by our customers as the SMC formulation is colour pigmentable. It is also highly suited to post-production painting as the compound has low profile and low shrink qualities which give it an ideal surface quality for top coat application. These elements combine to make this material a leading choice for an array of products throughout all facets of industry.

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