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Tricel Case Studies


Wastewater treatment, Tricel case studies

Read our wastewater treatment case studies to discover examples of successful wastewater treatment projects completed by Tricel.

Septic tank upgrade at Lurga National School, County Galway

Project challenges: a tight timeline and a compact area with restricted percolation area away from the wastewater treatment plant.

Equipment installed: Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant with a Sandcel sand polishing filter

Septic tank installation at Claran National School, County Galway

Project challenges: a large volume of effluent, a compact site and a short timeline.

Equipment installed: Tricel Fortis septic tank with Puraflo modules

Wastewater Treatment plant and Sand polishing filter installation, County Limerick

Project challenges: Decommissioning of a non-performing effluent treatment system.

Equipment installed:  Tricel Novo Wastewater treatment plant and Sandcel Sand polishing filter.


Custom moulding & SMC, Tricel case studies

Discover Tricel custom moulding capabilities and read about innovative solutions.

Custom equipment enclosures for Sabre made by Tricel

Project challenges: bespoke enclosures made to meet Sabre’s requirement to protect key equipment.

Industry: Manufacturing

SMC custom moulded gas hood manufactured for Calor gas tanks.

Project challenges: highly durable, strong, heat and weather resistant hoods to protect pressure release valves.

Industry: Petroleum/gas energy sector

Custom static dissipative trays and totes for Dell.

Project challenges: manufacturing of bespoke static dissipative trays and totes for Dell to a very tight deadline.

Industry: IT

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