Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plants

With a Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant you get an exceptional system for wastewater and sewage treatment.

Under EU regulations,  sewage treatment plants and septic tanks must carry CE Certification. This is EN12566-3 for sewage treatment plants and EN12566-1 for septic tank systems.  Tricel Novo plants provide the simple, cost-effective solution for high quality wastewater treatment, and ensure compliance with these environmental protection regulations.

The Advantages

Tricel Novo treatment systems have low maintenance and running costs, and are easy to install and de-sludge. They are quiet in operation, and underground installation minimises the visual impact.

Tricel Novo products are manufactured from one of the strongest glass reinforced plastic materials available, SMC. This guarantees a very robust and durable product.

Range of Tricel Novo treatment systems

Design poplulationIRL6IRL6+IRL8IRL10IRL12IRL18IRL24IRL30IRL36IRL42IRL50
No. of people1-62-62-83-104-126-188-2410-3012-3614-4216-50

Larger systems are also available, speak with our sales team for further information.

We can also provide:

  • Manhole risers to suit varying site conditions
  • Site assessments to meet planning requirements
  • Maintenance contracts

Standards & certification

The design and performance capabilities of Tricel Novo wastewater treatment systems are approved to the European Standard EN12566/3, which ensures compliance across the EU. After completion of nine months of thorough testing in an independent laboratory, the systems have also been awarded the CE Mark.

Tricel Novo have successfully achieved the following quality standards.

  • ISO9001
  • French Agrément approval
  • European Certification
  • German DIBt Certification
  • Benor Certification
Learn how the Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant works  ►