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Wholesale & Trade Meterboxes

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Producing Weatherproof Meter Boxes in Ireland for over 40 Years

Tricel have developed, produced, and supplied weatherproof GRP enclosures for a variety of uses including electric meter boxes and gas meter boxes. Many of these products also get exported for use to the UK market and developed to the highest industry standard. All of our products have certification for use in both these geographical markets. For over 40 years, our products have been in use by the ESB as electrical enclosures.

Weatherproof Pole Top Meter Enclosures

Our newly developed pole-top interface boxes are ideal for a multitude of industrial uses. These boxes are constructed using Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and this material means they are ideal for a range of applications as they are weather proofed, durable, hard-wearing and lightweight making the installation process a more manageable undertaking.

We also manufacture products using our own Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) which we develop and process in-house at our manufacturing facilities in both Ireland and in the UK. This is a high strength fibre-reinforced sheet moulding composite which is ideal for the custom moulding process.

The qualities of this product incorporate high-strength coupled with a versatile low-weight and is ideal for housing electric or electronic equipment of both a sensitive and rugged nature. These boxes have strong thermal and electronic insulation properties and are corrosion resistant constructs with an international protection rating of IP65. This level of standard means our enclosures are protected from the elements to such a degree that they are ‘dust tight’, this means that each unit has complete protection against dust particles.

The equipment housed inside of these enclosures is heavily protected against the harmful ingress of water and are certified as protected against pressurized water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm). Water approaching the enclosure from any direction, even to this degree, shall have no harmful effects. All such weatherproof boxes come supplied with incorporated timber backboards made from fire retardant timber in order for mounting devices. Each of our products is also available with a clear door weatherproof enclosure to allow the viewing and recording of data from sensitive equipment within a sealed and protected environment. This is developed for with more sensitive data based devices.

Weatherproof meter boxes are a perfect choice for the storage of various street lighting equipment, and is supplied with mounting brackets to suit pole or wall mounting situations depending on use. Our sales team is standing by to help with any and all queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. A comprehensive overview of our entire meter box product range is available through our online store, Meter Box Direct.

All technical data relating to our product range can be viewed on the download section of the website for a more informed view of our offerings.


If we didn’t answer all your questions and you need more information we will help you


If we didn’t answer all your questions and you need more information we will help you

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If we didn’t answer all your questions and you need more information we will help you